Looking ahead to this week and Thy Kingdom Come 2020

There is plenty for us all to share in during the coming week. On Wednesday of this week (20th May) we will have our second ‘virtual coffee morning’. Anne Atkinson has kindly offered to be our ‘host’ once again at 11am, and so if you would like to join in this time together (on Zoom), please let us know via [email protected]

Also on Wednesday, we are invited to pray once again at 2020hrs (8.20pm) for 20 minutes that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ. More details, including the specific prayer for this month, are here.

On Thursday, we will mark Ascension Day with some livestreamed services on our Facebook page. We will gather for Prayer During the Day at 12.30pm (see here for the order of service, selecting ‘Prayer During the Day’, or here for the same order of service available via an app). We will will also have Evening Prayer at 5.15pm.

As you may know, Thursday marks the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come 2020, a global ‘wave of prayer’ that will run from Ascension Day to Pentecost (31st May).

This year, we have an opportunity as a church family to pray in an Upper Room. Ours will be a virtual Upper Room in which we will be joined by others in a 24/7 outpouring of prayer. We have booked slots at 4pm on Friday, 22nd May and Friday, 29th May (see here). Please feel free to stop and pray for an hour, 10 mins or two minutes, whatever you can manage, between 4pm and 5pm on those two Fridays. Suggestions to help you pray can be found here.

In addition, we have recently added a further service according to the rites of Taizé to our YouTube channel. This, together with other resources, such as our ‘Stopping for 60 seconds’ series of films, may be found here.

Elsewhere during the week, we are due to be represented in the daily prayer offerings on the Lincoln City Prayer Facebook page on Monday, 18th May (please see here), and the Church of England’s Daily Hope telephone line remains available throughout the week. This is ideal for people without internet access, and details are available at the foot of this page.

Finally for now, our noticesheet for this week may be viewed by clicking on the link shown below or by downloading the PDF file:

We continue to hold all in our parish, and our many friends from further afield, in our thoughts and prayers.