Patronal Festival 2021

St Mary Magdalene’s Day is July 22nd.

All four gospels give Mary Magdalene a unique place among Jesus’ followers. Probably from Magdala by the Sea of Galilee, she is described as having been healed by Jesus before accompanying him during his ministry. Along with other faithful women, she stayed beside the cross during the crucifixion and was the first disciple to discover the empty tomb on Easter morning. She was privileged with the first appearance of the risen Lord, who sent her to take the good news of the resurrection to the other disciples. This commission earned her the title ‘Apostle to the Apostles’ in the early Church. (source: Exciting Holiness online)

We will mark our Patronal Festival in 2 ways.

On Thursday July 22nd you are invited to attend the 8.30am Eucharist in Lincoln Cathedral. Please enter the cathedral via the judgement porch. Following this we hope some of you will join us for breakfast in the new cathedral refectory. We will be required to observe to any Covid-19 restrictions in place on that date.

On Sunday July 25th at 6pm we will sing evensong in the nave of Lincoln Cathedral. Again we will be subject to any current Covid-19 restriction. The congregation is asked to assemble on the Parvis outside the west end of the cathedral before the service, and to follow the procession into the cathedral.
Unlike past years, it will not be possible for us all to assemble in the parish church before or after evensong. The service will be livestreamed to the cathedral’s Facebook page.